Top-Tier Palletizer Machine Supplier – Shanghai Dalson

Shanghai Dalson Packing Machinery Co., Ltd has received immense support and acknowledgment for its palletizer machine and has been marked as the best palletizer machine supplier. We at Shanghai Dalson did our research before introducing a palletizer machine in the market to make the most efficient machine. We can say that the workforce we employed in manufacturing our palletizer machine has outdone themselves. Our product features are beyond comparison; such features can not be found in any other machine that you see in the market. Being the best wholesale automatic palletizer machine exporter, we have just focused on the quality of our machine but have also tried to keep it affordable for the masses.  


Hi-Tech and Modern Design Automatic Palletizer Machine

We have employed such technology to manufacture our palletizer machine that it has much-improved ergonomics compared to any other palletizer machine available in the market. We have designed our product to have such architecture that can easily be maintained with little to no maintenance by using leading technology. It offers multiple infeed and discharges and can quickly put up heavy-weight products at low speeds. Its operating speed can put four placements in a minute; thus, it can create multiple pallet lines at a time. The lodging of products for palletizing and then the entire palletizing is done by the machine entirely without the need for any manual intermission. The machine is also capable of safely removing the full pallets automatically with the help of conveyors. One can also quickly expand the machine to accommodate future palletizing needs.


Why Do We Make a Difference?

We are the sole supplier of wholesale automatic palletizer machine that provides premium and hi-tech machines at wholesale rates. The rates that we offer are incomparable with the quality of any wholesaler of automatic palletizer machine, for their low prices come with compromised quality of the machine. Even with such a low price, we offer a price negotiation option to all customers. Our lead time is 10 to 15 days, and thus you will get on-time delivery of a faultless product. Our product is perfect to be used by industries like water, beverage, oil, bottles, cans, and more that require safe and sound palletizing of products with any manual involvement and in less time.