Labeling Machines

Leading Hi-Tech Shrink Label Machine Manufacturer – Shanghai Dalson

Shanghai Dalson Packing Machinery Co., Ltd has been top of the list from the time it emerged as the shrink label machine manufacturer for the qualities its machine has are not found in any other machine. The technology that we have used to design our sleeve hot shrink labeling machine is the most cutting-edge technology. Thus, this technology has made our shrink labeling machine so efficient by all means. This machine allows the labeling of products in any color; therefore, it has taken the branding game to another level. the flexibility that it offers is beyond comparison; it allows you to generate 360-degree labeling on the products hence excellent branding flexibility and options. 


Benefits Of Using Our Shrink Label Machine

Being a shrink label machine manufacturer, we have carefully looked into all the aspects and have designed a machine that can facilitate the labeling of products by all means. The handling of this machine is outstanding; it can label on any product, be it in any odd or even shape or size. It is suitable for all types of labeling applications: entire body, half body, multipack, underlap, whatsoever. We have four models of shrink label machines, all of which offer different capacities according to your need. The capabilities of our machine start from 150 bottles per minute and end at 450 bottles per minute; hence all your products will be labeled in much lesser time than any other labeling machine. Our machine offers label size customization options for all products; therefore, it would help you level up your labeling and branding game twofold. 


Wholesale Rates for Premium Quality

You can compare the quality of our machine with any other shrink label machine manufacturer that claims to offer premium quality at wholesale rates. You will notice a significant difference for we have not compromised on the quality of our machine for providing a better price to our customers. We are offering reasonable wholesale cost-effective rates for premium quality shrink label machine that is manufactured with precision and superior quality. Our lead time is 10 to 15 days, and you will receive on-time delivery of your order without any complaints about a faulty product or late delivery as for us the satisfaction of our customers means the most.