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Shanghai Dalson Packing Machinery Co., Ltd has been the best conveyor machine exporter ever since it has stepped into this industry, beating all its competitors. Conveyors are designed to facilitate the transportation of products from one place to another without causing them any damage; that is exactly what we had in mind when creating our conveyor machine. However, we noticed that every industry could not use conveyors not because they can’t handle the load of their products but because it requires too much space for its placement. Not every industry can accommodate such big conveyors due to their limited space. The entire thought process led our workforce to design a spiral conveyor machine to solve all the problems. Therefore, our spiral design conveyor machine can be placed at any place as it won’t take up too much of your area and does the same working as any other conveyor or perhaps even better than other conveyors. 


Hi-Tech Premium Quality Conveyor Machine for All Industries

The use of innovative, leading-edge technology hour workforce has modified the typical conveyors into modern spiral conveyors making us the best conveyor machine exporter. The advantages that one will get only by using our spiral conveyors include a single drive that is that our conveyor uses a single drive and therefore helps the industry save on money and energy. The single drive also offers easier control integration to the operator. Another advantage is that as the spiral conveyor transports the products in a continuous flow, therefore it creates high throughput. The ease of installation is another benefit to count on as these conveyors are shipped in one piece, and consequently, no hustle of assembling the conveyor for installation. 


Lead Time and Wholesale Rates

The lead time for our spiral conveyor machine is very less, only 10 to 15 days, and you will have on-time delivery of your order, so what are you waiting for? If all these advantages haven’t hyped you up already then, we must also tell you that the price that we charge for our highly innovative and hi-tech conveyor machine is very cost-effective. We are offering wholesale rates for our premium quality conveyor machines; perhaps that is why we have gained many customers who trust us. We keep putting our unceasing effort to maintain their trust in us by providing the best quality products at reasonable prices.