Carton Erector Machine

Top Quality Box Erector Machine Manufacturer!

Shanghai Dalson Packing Machinery Co., Ltd. is a top-quality company known locally and internationally around the globe for its fantastic quality machinery that they manufacture in the form of these highly innovative and modern technology-based automatic box erector machines that are famous around the world. These box erector machines are not only renowned for their incredible quality, but We are also renowned for their low and affordable prices compared to any other company in the world. We are also known for our safest and fastest delivery methods that ensure the availability of these outstanding machines worldwide.


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Being the leading carton erector machine manufacturer, we promise to provide a quality that is the most superior and the most reliable. Our machines are designed and manufactured according to the international standards set by the global market according to international guidelines. Our team of highly technical experts and professionals pays close attention to even the most minor details, ensuring that we deliver the most outstanding quality to the customers. We guarantee the satisfaction of our valuable customers.


Worth of Money 

Dalson Packaging’s main aim is to provide its customers with the most amazing and the most advanced methods of technology that are of excellent quality. But we truly understand the worth of your hard-earned money; hence, we provide a quality experience at the most affordable prices. We are the only company famous around the world for providing the best and high-quality products such as erector machines, conveyor machines, labeling machines and more.


Highly Innovative 

Our machines are fully automatic, being based on the products that are based on the most advanced methods of technology. Our machines bring innovation to the industry by replacing the old and traditional production methods with the modern and the latest trends of technology and bringing innovation to the industry.